Real Scientists at Work at MPS

Today it is science and we had a lot of fun today. I really appreciated it.    Diego


On Friday we had five scientists come to our school and my mum was one of them. My favourite activity was the eye test with my mum.   I liked the other activities but I liked what my mum did the most. I did not get any of the questions wrong.   Finn


Today we had Science Day and my favourite one was “Eye’s Tricking”. It looks like people are smaller but they are actually the same size – our eyes trick us into thinking they are different. It was so amazing and really, really fun.

Then we went to the amphitheatre and we got to see the vision of a cat at night and in the morning.



Today was Science Day. The first session was in the Science Room. We were learning about blood. We also got to do a little act. Diego and I got to wear a yard duty vest.

Our next activity was testing our eye sight. I only got one wrong. I also got to measure a shape. My favourite one was in our room. It was a Science Experiment. In the Science experiment we mixed two colours and put them on paper. Then put them in water.

It was good. It was AMAZING!!!


We are so grateful for our Scientist Parents for taking their time to organise interesting activities to celebrate Science Day in the 1/2 area.



A Report about the 1/2 Science Morning.

This was completed by Amélie on the weekend. 



By Amélie 

On Friday the 21st of October 2016 the 1\2’s were very lucky to have some different types of scientists come in and teach us what they do.

There were five different activities that we did.

One of the activities that we did was with Devi (Uma’s mum). We learnt about animals and got to have a go at catching lizards (they were only pretend!) In that rotation we also got to find out about animal sight. We learnt that our eyes see different things to what animals do. For example we see a flower that we think is yellow but to a bee it would be yellow and green.

One of the other activities we learnt about was separating chemicals with Flo (Nadia’s mum) and Dee (Nicanor’s mum). First we all got a piece of a special type of paper and with a grey led pencil we drew 2 dots. Then we got a smartie and put a droplet of water on it and moved it around with two toothpicks. The smartie lost its colour and made coloured water depending on what colour your smartie was. We put a coloured dot on each of the dots that we drew earlier. Then we put the paper in a little bit of water and watched what happened. What happened was the water moved up the paper and the coloured dots moved up and had a race.

Another activity was with Carla (Joseph’s mum). She told us about the life of fruit flies. We got to look at them through a microscope. We got to see fruit flies in three different ways. One was when they were in their eggs. Another one was when they were older and flying around. The last way was when the fruit flies were eating some rotten fruit. Did You Know, that in the ten days a fruit fly lives, the females lay 1,000 eggs. That means 100 eggs each day! Then we watched a video about how to identify insects from bugs. One of the ways is insects always have 6 legs whereas bugs can have different numbers of legs, and another way is insects have 3 body parts whereas bugs can vary.

Another activity was with Alex (Nadia’s Dad). We were looking at blood. First we looked at a slide show about blood. Did you know that you have 1 million red blood cells in 1 drop of blood? Then we did a role play about what happens in your body when you are sick. What happens is there is a war and sometimes you can feel it because if you do it hurts. Alex said that he sometimes went to the blood bank. He said that it’s called the blood bank because bank means storage. At the end we got colour-in sheets about blood.

Another activity was with Fiona (Fin’s mum). We learnt about tricks that your eyes do. We looked at some circles. One of the circles looked bigger because it had smaller circles around it. The other circle looked smaller because it had bigger circles around it. It ended up that they were both the exact same size. Then we had to decide which alien was bigger. The one at the back looked bigger because it was higher up on the paper and the lines were narrower together than they were at the front. It ended up that they were both the same length. Then we looked at a square that was different shades of black. In the middle was a coloured strip. Side B looked like it was darker because the surrounding of it was lighter than part A’s was. It was amazing when Fiona showed us that the strip in the middle was the same colour all the way through. Then our final eye test was we saw some blobs and had to decide whether they were moving or not. They looked like they were moving but actually when you just looked at one dot it wasn’t moving.

After that we did a test for our senses. What we did was we closed our eyes and got a partner to trace their finger up our arm. We had to say stop when we thought that they were touching the joint in our elbow. Most of us said stop before our partner’s finger reached it.

The morning was really fun. I learnt a lot of new things about science.


1/2 Camp Dinner, Sleeping and the morning after.

Hi all, we hope you’re enjoying a snapshot of the Camp.   In the next few weeks we will post written work that the children have completed about their experience.  Until then…please enjoy the photos.

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Fun At School and Why not?


We made posters for our Beanie Boo party. Ivy made invitations for the Beanie Boo Party


Rosa was invited to the Beanie Boo party and she brought along a friend


It was a great party. Beanie Boos were so happy.


Our special much loved Beanie Boos were excited.


Even Madi’s mum helped out with the party hats for the party.


It was great fun.


Hi all, here we are outside with some mums helping to keep our garden tidy.


We also have some special helpers.


It’s looking good.


Working hard.


Big smile for a happy garden in the 1/2 area.


What else do I do during ‘developmental play’? I read. I look for interesting information in the newspapers.


Hi there, I draw and make cards.


Poke’mons are here to stay.


I really love my Poke’mon cards and I look after them.


I can tell you a lot of things about my cards. The cards make reading and maths fun.


I like to play with Lego.


We are building a station for our fire truck.










1/2B students may also wear ‘bling’ such as bracelets

packs-friendship-pack-10-bracelets-1 unknown glitzy-rocks-colored-freshwater-pearl-stretch-bracelet-8-9-mm-p13048497 turquoise_wrap_bracelet_large

or ribbons on their wrists…

unknown-1 sw1722602_web





img_4133 Footy Day Assembly was an amazing success because mostly everyone was dressed up in their favourite footy team colors.   By Aliceimg_4208img_4204img_4201

This morning we had a Footy Day Parade.

My favourite part was when all the kids got up in their favourite footy team colors and walked in the parade.   By Mikayla

img_4199img_4198Even the teachers got dressed up.

img_4173It was awesome.  By Khloeimg_4166img_4164img_4148

We had a special visitor!!img_4143img_4139img_4136img_4134img_4133


This morning we had a Footy Day Parade. I love footy and football (Soccer).  by Harriet


My favourite part was when all the kids got up in their favourite footy team colors and walked in the parade.   By Mikayla